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Star Citizen Gamescom 2016 Presentation

Discussion in 'Star Citizen Public Discussion' started by Hyncharas, 20 Aug 2016.

  1. For those who were unable to watch the presentation live on stream, a direct cut of it is now available from Star Citizen's YouTube channel:

  2. Hamma

    Hamma Commanding Officer Officer

    I have to say I am a skeptic of this game, but I watched the full demo last night and was pretty impressed. Looks like they might actually manage to pull it off..
  3. Amarog

    Amarog DragonWolf

    It's getting there indeed. Slow but steady. I backed early on and was getting worried a bit about it. But it seems it's going well. The moon landing in the Demo was actually impressive. Seeing how huge that moon was... Dsjees! Plenty of places to hide if your in trouble it seems ;)
  4. Traceroute

    Traceroute DragonWolf

    it is rekindling my excitement for the game. I have taken a sizable hiatus on all things star citizen for quite a while. The demo looks amazing and it it making me want to buy another ship.....
  5. Every now and then I check in on SC's status. That video is quite impressive. :)
  6. 2.5 is out soon, but I suspect it will be at least a year, if not Fall 2017, before we get our hands on 3.0.
  7. 3.0 is targeted for end of this year.
  8. Amarog

    Amarog DragonWolf

    Is there an update on when squadron 42 is coming out? And is there a tutorial or so that teaches me to fly my Conny or so? :D
  9. Tutorial was disabled for the time being as the controls changed dramatically a version or 2 ago. Best way to learn is to read over the controls and much about in the PU/Free Flight (don't think you can take the larger ships into Free Flight anymore).

    No updates on SQ42. That'll be at CitizenCon on October 9th.
  10. Hamma

    Hamma Commanding Officer Officer

    I will say though my game performance in the universe mode is terrible. Doing the drone wars or whatever the performance isn't too bad.
  11. Amarog

    Amarog DragonWolf

    It's time I'll update the game and give it a go it seems! :)
  12. I'd wait until 2.5 drops officially, which should be within the week. They're trying to work out one last issue on the PTU before it hits live. It helps polish up the game a bit.
  13. 2.5 just went live. Now's a good time to try things again :D
  14. Amarog

    Amarog DragonWolf

    Well, I tried it out. Started in Port Curusar or something like that. Managed to get into an Aurora on the landing pad. Even managed to fly around and after lots of tries I landed again!

    But it seems there's not much to do? I've tried mobiglass, tracked a mission there but it kept on point me to my Aurora :D

    If I choose my Conny, and fly against the space station? Will it break? Will I loose it?

    I'll have to read upon everything it seems.
  15. You currently won't lose any ship or content in Alpha you may have purchased from the Online Store for real money. Star Citizen is in early implementation phases, gradually adding content to the game whilst fixing bugs when it can't handle them.

    If your ship is destroyed or you die in Alpha, you will respawn at Port Olisar (or GrimHEX if you have a criminal rating) and are able to request another ship. The "covalex" and some other missions will complete after fulfilling objectives, but these will return if you quit or go elsewhere (like you Hangar), and then come back to Port Olisar, as that whole sector of space is run as Instances... this is useful, however, as it allows you to buy stuff when you have enough credits to try out weapons and armor.

    In many ways, Alpha is all about testing the mission system, item system and gameplay is all working prior to release, so any UECs from a pledge package aren't being spent and you use aUEC (Alpha credits). You are right, though - Port Olisar could do with more, or even ArcCorp's back alleys could to test enemy AI.
    Last edited: 28 Aug 2016
  16. Traceroute

    Traceroute DragonWolf

    I have been playing quite a bit in 2.5! I have run into a few issues here and there but has been pretty stable for the most part! Getting pretty good at dogfighting in my freelancer. Feel free to add me to your friends lists!
  17. Amarog

    Amarog DragonWolf

    I might do that ;)

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