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Sweet mother of all things holy... Why!

Discussion in 'General Open/Public Discussion' started by Zapp Brannigan, 5 May 2014.

  1. Anyone have any clue why automatic updates kills my hive and sends me to startup repair hell?
    I reverted back to W7 on my laptop (fresh jnstall) so I could use my copy of 8.1 on my new build. Now, when the stupid thing installs updates, it bricks the boot and throws me into startup repair incessantly. I tried rebuilding the hive using copied files from RegBack...but no joy. Any clues?
  2. I would try to help, but I have no idea what a hive is. Lol
  3. He means drive :p
  4. My best advice is use the Windows 8 as a coaster and stick with 7 if it is working. Your going to get no quality of life improvements by using 8 over 7.

    As for why it is doing what it is doing I can not really say.
  5. Your hard drive may have corrupted. It could also be corrupt RAM. 9 times out of 10, the weird errors are caused by a bad RAM stick. Run a CHKDSK first, then try a memory test. Or just reformat and start fresh.
  6. Not the "drive" fellas... The Registry "Hive"
  7. If it's after a fresh Windows 7 install and nothing important is on it yet, just reformat and start over. If it's continuing to happen after a fresh install, it sounds like a corrupt drive.
  8. I have a ghost image that I can restore with, so it is not a super big deal. Just trying to figure out why it only does this with Win7. 8.1 was working fine until I decided to go back to 7 so I could use the copy of 8.1 for the new build. I'll just restore and keep playing with it.
  9. your pc has teh aids

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