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This scares even me...

Discussion in 'General Open/Public Discussion' started by Fox, 13 Apr 2002.

  1. Right...well I've been talking to this guy on mIRC as of late...and we got into a conversation about file-sharing...and I learned this little tidbit of information:

    [15:13] plastick i have 23 gigs of mp3s
    [15:13] plastick 17 gigs of sienfeld episodes
    [15:13] Fox|V| ...
    [15:13] plastick about 12 gigs of anime movies/episodes
    [15:13] plastick and 15 gigs of warez.
    [15:13] Fox|V| omg...
    [15:13] plastick yes.
    [15:13] plastick i download a lot
    [15:13] plastick :D
    [15:14] plastick i kept a counter on my dsl
    [15:14] plastick before i moved
    [15:14] plastick while i had it for the total of 9 months
    [15:14] plastick i had downloaded about 70 terabytes.
    [15:14] plastick !
    [15:14] Fox|V| ...
    [15:14] Fox|V| omg
    [15:14] plastick :D
    [15:14] Fox|V| That is insane
    [15:14] plastick 7000 gigs
    [15:14] plastick ;/
    [15:14] plastick lol.
    [15:14] Fox|V| You, are, sick. :p
    [15:14] plastick i went through two network cards
    [15:14] plastick i actually burnt out one of them
    [15:14] Fox|V| ...
    [15:14] Fox|V| You scare me

    Scary isn't it?
    Last edited: 13 Apr 2002
  2. Hamma

    Hamma Commanding Officer Officer


    Its people like this, who will make companies charge for monthly bandwith :\
  3. Lol...I bet. He had a script that he made that counted the amount of data he transferred...something like 2.1 gigs a day. He did the above over a nine-month period.
  4. Road Runner has started to charge if you go over the monthly limit. And, that also scares me!
  5. Ingwë

    Ingwë DragonWolf<BR>The Goose!

    that guy is soooo on :ap:
  6. i can explain monthly charges

    believe it or not, they under charge for the connection. A dsl or cable line is approximately a t1 line in terms of bandwidth 1.5 mbits/sec and definately does get to a t1 eventually. the cost of a t1 is something to the order of 3000$ a month. you probably dont pay 3000$ a month for a dsl line.

    Now then, their business model(knowing people who used to work at isps, earthlink for ex) is to hope that the purchaser does not use the bandwidth, now this is false of course, you bought a dsl or cable connection, and you are going to use it. This assumtion holds true for dial up users though.

    To the monthly charges though, they are pretty good, the connection my house has has a cap of 3 gigs a month, if we go over it its like 65 bucks for every 100 meg or so over it, but after a month of playing games and what not, we did not go over the 3 gig limit(of course im not a napster fanatic so i dont spend all day dling mp3s). This makes sense though, the bandwidth is there, but if you use it you pay for it at what it costs, instead of having an uncapped connection that is no more reliable then a modem.
  7. You have got to be kidding me. I go through that in about 4 days with downloads and I only pay $40 a month. That kind of frightens me.
  8. you may have to give up pirating mp3s :( and we pay less then 40 for that.
  9. As far as I know, Comcast doesn't put a cap on anything...although I could be wrong on that. I am worried however as I set up some file-sharing programs on my sister's computer...very stupid of me. I forgot that she doesn't understand the meaning of 'bandwidth', 'limits of', or 'I connected the network and I can disconnect it.' :p
  10. Oed


    Well, I just checked with Road Runner here in MN...no cap (grin).

    Let the downloads beging (grin).

    Actually, there is nothing that intersting I need to download. And the stuff I want I can not find...so I guess I am out.
  11. comcast is being a nazis with regaurds to natd though. they want you to buy a connection for each comp in your house instead of having 1 connection for all of your comps that they share.
  12. Well...too bad for them :p [and yeah I know about that little deal of theirs...an extra 10 bucks per comp or something crazy like that]
  13. Ingwë

    Ingwë DragonWolf<BR>The Goose!

    there is no point in doing that all you need is a router and an ether net card in each computer and network them, that way you can share the internet and files.
  14. Hehe...I run a network at my house currently...my sister is on wireless and I am hard-wired into the router. I can also plug in my two laptops if I so desire and/or my X-Box :p
  15. Ingwë

    Ingwë DragonWolf<BR>The Goose!

    well i have 4 of my computers in one room so hooking them up wasn't a problem.
  16. Well...ya see, the good part is that my *sister* is on wireless and not me...so I get the good transfer speeds and she doesn't...so if I ever get anything faster then a cable modem she'll be plodding along at about 11 mb per second [or I could be mean and switch it down to 1 mb per sec], while I'm using the rest of the bandwidth :p
  17. Ingwë

    Ingwë DragonWolf<BR>The Goose!

    lol fox
  18. mmmmmmmm................. XBOX

    I love playing that heavy little black box online. I ROCK AT HALO.
    Kind of wish CDL had a Halo portion.....

    I usually whoop a$$ when it's myself vs 2-4 people. hehehehe They think just cuz they have more peeps, they will win, they don't realize I have a target rich environment, hehehehe.

    My roommate and I have only lost maybe 4 games out of 60 or so. :cool:

    I am so pathetic...
  19. Ingwë

    Ingwë DragonWolf<BR>The Goose!

    i don't think there are that many people in cdl that have Xbox to make a division.

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