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Titan Fall

Discussion in 'Upcoming Games Discussion' started by DeceptiveAlarm, 25 Aug 2013.

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  2. So none of you find fast mechs and wall running/ jumping interesting at all?

    I can't believe it with all the MAX players we have.

    Throw me a friggin bone here lol :)
  3. Shit I even did a search. Don't know what i typed in lol. Makes sense now.
  4. Looks neat, but the parkor thing has been done before and the Mech combat is nothing special from the looks of it just the standards fps format in a robot (not like hawken or MWO) and the glaring fact this game will be a Console port to the PC so the control mechanic won't be anything outstanding. I mean at the rate those infantry move the mechs are a waste, because they are going to get shredded from every angle by the superior maneuverability of the infantry. I mean judging from the game play vids the survivability of the mechs seems really weak and I expect will be much shorter when the game goes live as it is one big shot me beacon.

    I don't think this one will get a blip on my radar among all the other great games coming out next year and the following.
  5. In all fairness, the only games I've seen where you "climb into" are the Lost Planet series, and MechAssault 2 (though that was almost a decade ago).

    Now a PC version has been confirmed, I was wondering how many in the CDL are likely to buy this game, before I get it for the Xbox One.
  6. Chrome had a pretty good mechanoid armor. Though no mech' simulation had really worked for me since Mechwarrior4.
  7. It looks pretty fun. Don't know when I will end up with a One so I will prolly get it for PC.
  8. I'll likely get it for Xbox One.
  9. Sputters

    Sputters DragonWolf<br>Invisible Shorts<br>AKA Black DragonWolf

    I'm very excited for this one
  10. Re: TitanFall

    So TitanFall is (allegedly) due 11th March for you guys and 14th March for the UK, though that could change for Xbox One if an article from yesterday is anything to go by, with Respawn STILL saying their console build of the game "is in Alpha", which took place last month:


    With PC looking to be the best in terms of graphical fidelity, how many people are expected to purchase it for multiplayer? If not, however, I'll just get a 360 version.
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  11. I dunno. I'm still hip deep in BF4; and with the dogfighting module supposedly out within a month or 2... that's probably what I'll focus on.
  12. Titanfall is only multiplayer, still interested for Xbox One.

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  13. Yea EA messes up a lot of stuff.. but im pretty pumped for titanfall... finally a game that is not set anywhere between 1940 and 2012. Finally a game (FPS) that has the potential to be fun again.

    Been waiting for this since BF2142 :D
  14. Downloaded... installed... tried... uninstalled...

    It's been so long since I played COD, I'd almost forgotten why I hate it. well, COD 2142 wasn't much better. :\
  15. Really? I was pretty impressed. The tutorial was good. Played 2 missions and the action was great. The graphics are TOP notch and this is one of the first fps's in quite a while that gives me 0 vertigo. Likely a buy from me on that part alone.
  16. Played about the same amount on Xbox and I think it's pretty good.

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  17. I like a lot of the thngs they've done: burn cards, epilogues with dropships, the general cinematic feel... I just really dislike that style of shooter gameplay: super fast kills, super fast spawns, small levels, non-stop shit talk about peoples moms and sexuality... lol

    I did kinda like last titan standing mode though.
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  18. Yea its definitely hyper-fast combat and less realistic. In the titans its a little slower and more realistic. I like the wall maneuvering and jumping capabilities though as a chance of pace. If it doesn't have more depth though it won't last long.

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