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UnclearAsh's Application

Discussion in 'The Dragon Wolves Recruitment Forum' started by NuclearMessiah, 24 Jan 2013.

  1. Well here we go.

    Up until recently I was a member of an organization, much like yours,for little over 9 years. Sadly the community feeling of my old guild has been very lacking for many a year now. I came across your organization mostly because I follow Hamma on twitter :) I see in the DragonWolves all that used to keep me with my old group for so many years and would hope you would have me.

    A little about myself. Well as I have said I was uptill recently a long time member of another group (so if anything I am not fickle with my clans/guilds/outfits). I am an 8 and half year vet of the US Army, seperated just 2 years ago. I am also a very avid PC Gamer and have played in many of the game Clan Draconus Lupus has over the years, actually got hooked into online FPS back in the old Tribes 1 and 2 days. I am very chatty both on voice comms and forums and can be on when needed (although I am getting old, and I do get up very early for work)

    I only recently started my TR soldier on Waterson, so pardon the low BR, don;t let it fool you into thinking I am new to the game :p
  2. Tbeast

    Tbeast Recruitment Officer Officer Elder

    Welcome :)
  3. Welcome and goodluck!
  4. GraniteRok

    GraniteRok Executive Officer Officer

    :hi: Welcome and good luck in the recruiting process! Great that you've signe up with us! :thumbsup:
  5. Sentrosi

    Sentrosi Protocol Officer Officer

    Welcome! We're participating in the UES Bastion assault tonight on Waterson. We're leaving the WG around 8:30pm EST. Hope to see you there.
  6. 2030, you can count it. Enough time to put my daughter to bed and crack a beer open :)
  7. Hello and welcome. Please check your private messages for next steps.
  8. Welcome and good luck!
  9. Welcome!
  10. Good to have you with us. :) Good luck with the application process.

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