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Vermintide 2. Now with free beta keys!

Discussion in 'Upcoming Games Discussion' started by Khorneholio, 18 Jan 2018.

  1. If you haven't tried Warhammer: Vermintide you're missing out on one of Steam's biggest hidden gems. It's a 4 player coop fantasy first person hack/slash/shoot/blast er set in the Warhammer world vs hordes of Skaven (rat men).

    If you're familiar with the Left 4 Dead series.... well... it's pretty much a direct copy of that game. lol. However, imho there are a lot of improvements made over Valve's seminal cooperative shooter. Vermintide 2 looks to add even more to the formula with 15 classes for the 5 characters to choose from, unlockable traits, skill trees as you progress, Chaos as an added enemy faction.

    Free beta keys are free. Give it a shot. Dates tba:

  2. Launch day for Vermintide 2! It's only $30 and is an absolute blast. I'd love to have some wolves to play with. Give it a try! :)

    Gameplay trakler:


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