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What was your first T1 / T2 death?

Discussion in 'General Open/Public Discussion' started by Fox, 23 May 2002.

  1. I'm feeling a bit nostalgic today :p

    I still remember this...it was back when I first got T1 around March of '98 or so...the map was Snowblind. At the time I had no clue what I was doing, but I managed to fly around for a while and land on a mountain behind one of the bases.

    Now, this was on a Base server, populated by lots of ^JEH^ members. I was obviously outclassed but didn't know it. So I'm sitting on this mountain peak, trying to figure out what the hell I was doing, and I hear someone say 'Hi!' behind me.

    Stupid as I was at the time, I *turned around* and found myself staring down the barrel of ^JEH^McCool's plasma rifle. Needless to say I died a rather nasty death.

    So now that I have told my first death experience, I need to hear yours so I can feel somewhat better :p
    Last edited: 23 May 2002
  2. Manitou

    Manitou Old War Horse DragonWolf

    It was Raindance and myself, Full Otto, and a maybe one or two of the charter members of the -CDL- were sporting our newly placed tag.

    We felt we were l33t since we had a tag. Wrong.

    I was trying to orient myself to this feeling of an up-down-all-around ability and found myself up near the hill by the forward plasma cannon. I turned around to admire where my smooth progress had taken me, when I get smacked with a disc. It doesn't kill me right off, and not knowing wth to do, I try running back to the base. The warrior, no clue who it was, simply finishes me off with another disc to the back. I think he was up in the air and slightly behind me.

    This was around Jan-Feb of 1999.... :D
  3. Ya got me, I have no idea on T1. I was the sacrificial lamb most of the time so I got blown up a lot. :D However on T2, I don't remember *its* name, but I'm sure it was a bot that brutally raped me on the training missions, hehe.
  4. Hmmm

    T1 if i remember right was far worse since by T2 we all knew what to expect in Dieng. I Faintly rem my first T1 death and it was not as glorious as the others posted here. i flew straight up and then didnt know i needed to keep my jets going not to smack hard, BAM half health or alittle less right off. Then outta nowwhere there was a guy right in front of me and i disced him which not only killed me the rest of the way but had him saying Cease fire im on your tem you idiot hehehehe


    Dunno if it was exactly how it happened but it sounds good hehehe
  5. Oed


    My first T1 death was at the hands of Dane actually. Mortor to the head.

    T2...well, that was myself...tried satchel (grin)
  6. Great Dane


    T1 - I was at a friends house and saw the game. He showed me a pub game on Dangerous Crossing. He effortlessly went from his base to the enemy base tossed some nades through the hole in the top, droped in, grabed the flag, andtook it home for a cap.

    I instantly fell in love with the game, and bought it not too long after that. So I fire the game up, and join a server and OMG!! It's Dangerous Crossing!! I know just what to do, this will be a piece of cake. So i get an e-pack (after being repeatedly ejected from the station for not having favs set), and head off to the enemy base.

    Amazinly enough I manage to make it to the enemy base, and am standing in the same spot that my firend had been in, and I find the nade key and toss one. Unfortunatly I just tapped the button so the nade landed at my feet, and knocked me off the base where I was quickly finished off by a guy with a disk.

    After about another 10 min of running over, and getting killed I thought "I think I'll try Defence" so I got in Heavy and stood on the flag, and I stayed there for the next year.
  7. Malone

    Malone Official Cow

    I have yet to see death in either T1 or T2....

  8. Hamma

    Hamma Commanding Officer Officer

    I have a stat program that says otherwise

    (mal is my #1 victim rof)
  9. i can no remember......it happened alot while i was trying to figger out what mod to play before settling on the ix mod
  10. well the training mishons where fun for a week (NOT) untill i got to a frends hous to play becus i had no net acses.

    boy im chompin at the bit by then so i get an a litle server whith abaut 4 peeps on it and the map wus B-sides.i quikly discover you can go in thrue the roof. i aint ben killt yet just maimd alot so i reapar up and head over get hurt some then go inside then bam some dork daimed SENTRY TURIT kills me .so i go over agen tos granades and shoot them in some bounsing out and hurting me but i go in anyway and this anoying dood name'ed SENTRY TURIT kills me agen.so i go over in HO halfway killing my self to get the the frigin top,stand in the dorway and shoot mortars doun the hole.jump in the hole get shot so i jump back out shoot all my granaids in and jump doun get shot ,jump out drop a mortar in and trying to be sneeky wait 10 second befor i drop anuther reapeet till empty jump in run foword get shot and killd ..then see this thingy on the flor drop flat ...(GOD IM THICK)..lafter frome my palls behined me insues......:p
  11. Doomhawk

    Doomhawk Council of Elders<BR>UberPigeon Elder DragonWolf

    Probably on one of the training missions, first map I played online was broadside though. All i remember was running around totaly lost and finaly making it to the bottom entrance then being mortered :)
  12. I remember playing with -CDL-Mossimo alot and learning more about T1 back then. After that I became a -CDL- , then I played with a cool dude named: Doomhawk{KS}...Befriended him and talked him into joining CDL. I basically go tired of getting beat by him :) so i convinced him to join up instead.
  13. this is gonna sound pathetic..but the first time I died was the first training mission (where you are in that bomber that gets shot down) well, when she said the derms were coming at me, I just kinda stood there and waited for them to come, and when they did, they flat out owned me
  14. Hamma

    Hamma Commanding Officer Officer

    Now that you mention it ahha, I think my first t2 death was when they told me to fly the shrike.. I went straight into a mountain.
  15. Pan


    my first t1 death, I can barely remember playing Deathmatch with my bro and i was walking around looking at either my feet or the sky. I think i ended up killing myself first or met killed me, one of those two. :D
  16. Ah my first T1 death would have to be the first time in a pub on raindance - had absolutely NO clue what I was doing, where to go, etc.. was pretty sad. :rolleyes:
  17. Uhh my first death was T1 Training mission. The first one, where you learn how to use the jetpack, to reach the top and flip the switch. It was the 1st thing I ever did in Tribes and after falling off the platforms like 10x, I jumped up once and missed the next one, and ate it when I hit the ground and died on the spot. :( That was my first T1 death.

    My 1st IX death was on the Liquid SC server, where I tried out IX for the first time (dunno what it was beta .2? or right when the mod was just comming out). It was anthill and I stepped on my teammates mine field and that was that.

    I believe the MOST deaths I had ever had in T1 from a single player must have come at the end of Vindicator[jeh]'s laser rifle. Cuz whenever I was on, he was on.. And he sniped the crap out of me. Of course I dropped my share of mortars and/or rockets on his head as well. :)

    For T2 my first death was the final training mission, I got thru the rest of them OK (I started in easy mode).. But on the last one I had completed the objective OK, but then it said clear the area or whatever cuz the base was going to blow.. Well, I dunno WTF happened since I got what I thought was far away (well outside of the base and over a hill) but when it blew up I still got toasted, and had to play it all again. The next time I made sure to keep running until I saw the white flash on my screen.

    Then my 1st T2 MP death, I joined other CDL peeps who had just bought the game, like the 1st day it was in stores (some assclown had already stolen my name by then). We were on Riverdance on some server I forget the name.. And I was configuring my keys, Mani and otto were on my team, and other CDL were on the other team.. And it was either DH or Shads (prob Doomhawk) that killed me with a DL as I hid behind a tree trying to setup my keyboard controls..
  18. lol, forgot to mention my first T2 death. Let's just say that I was stupid and turned up the skill level to Hard and tried the first mission...while still trying to play with my Voodoo 3...frame-rate of around 5 + not knowing exactly what to do = bots owned me.

    Then I got back at them by coding FoxBot and using the /FoxBot lightning command on all of 'em :D
  19. I cant remember T1..But T2 i know that i died in the first training mission the first day i got the game.. :D
  20. I only played demo T1, and i have no clue what my first death was. T2, it was on one of the training missions, i think the stealth one. I have since beaten it easily, the only one i cant beat on hard with no problem is that damn base defense mission (it just goes ON and ON and ON in hard mode).

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