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New Website and Forums!

Discussion in 'General Open/Public Discussion' started by Hamma, 9 Feb 2014.

By Hamma on 9 Feb 2014 at 17:07
  1. Hamma

    Hamma Commanding Officer Officer

    The DragonWolves forums and website have officially been upgraded to Xenforo! There are some pretty massive changes so there's a chance people could run into issues with permissions or access. We believe we have fixed most of it but if you are having issues with anything be sure to post in the comments.

    Be sure to post your thoughts in the comments and let us know what you think!
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Discussion in 'General Open/Public Discussion' started by Hamma, 9 Feb 2014.

    1. FrothyMug
      I recently posted a YouTube embed in the DayZ thread under Upcoming Games. I just went in and edited it to fix it, but everyone else's links are not working, it seems. Looks like the new forum handles the coding differently.
    2. Hamma
      It does handle things a bit differently yea but ultimately you should just be able to post the link and it *should* auto embed.
    3. nachtwolf17
      Looks like old tags were ame, new tags are media. Editing and replacing make them work. Not broken, just different.
    4. Hamma
      It should be auto replacing the AME stuff. :\

      I've enabled ribbon display under peoples avatar/titles.
    5. Hamma
      Made some other little tweaks here and there tonight, nothing extremely noticeable. I did mess around with some TeamSpeak integration so if you lost your DW group on TS let me know. If you are a DragonWolf I've assigned your TS ID with your Forum Account.. you will get things like forum alerts in your TeamSpeak Client..

      Also removed a ton of duplicate TS3 accounts.. remember to export your identities folks. :p
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    6. Manitou
      Thanks for the hard work, Hamma!
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    7. Hyncharas
    8. scrub
      stupid question, link for girc chat? lol

      if there isn't one, can you give me infor via this or pm for server and channels and such good sirs/ma'ams
      Last edited: 11 Feb 2014
    9. Hamma
      Good point, I need to see if there is an IRC app for this forum.

      In the mean time the info for where our channels are is in a sticky in the private forums.
    10. scrub
      thank you for prompt reply
    11. Gryphon
      None of my 1337 mods work for this forum, won't find anything as good as girchat :)
    12. Hamma
      I've now replaced the front page with a news page that pulls from the forums.


      Thoughts/comments/flames requested. :)
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    13. Sentrosi
      An awesome update to our gaming community. Thanks for all your hard work Hamma!
    14. GraniteRok
      I agree! Awesome job Hamma! Site and forums are really coming together and looking amazing!
    15. Hamma
      Still deciding if I like the thread view change when a thread is promoted to news.
    16. waldizzo
      Looking good Hamma. Nice work.
    17. Hamma
      Broked Tapatalk should now be fixed.
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    18. Daleon
      Looks great!
    19. EvilNinjadude
      Sorry, haven't been here in a while!

      Xenforo, eh? Here are my thoughts:

    20. Hamma
      What does that mean exactly? :p

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